Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio

Innovative IoT and Edge AI Solutions by Seeed Studio

Embark on a journey of technological innovation with Seeed Studio, a prominent name in the IoT and Edge AI landscape. Specializing in a wide range of IoT products, Seeed Studio is your go-to destination for modules, sensors, and connectivity solutions, designed to empower creators and innovators across the globe.

Product Range:

  • Diverse Modules & Sensors: Seeed Studio offers an extensive selection of modules and sensors, ideal for applications in remote monitoring, telemetry, and environmental sensing.
  • Edge Computing Devices: With cutting-edge Edge AI and computing devices, Seeed Studio stands at the forefront of the latest technological advancements in IoT.
  • Connectivity Solutions: From LoRaWAN® to Wi-Fi, Seeed Studio provides robust connectivity options, catering to a wide array of IoT applications.
  • Ecosystem Support: Seeed Studio's commitment to community and ecosystem development is evident through their extensive support and resources for developers and makers.


  • Smart Agriculture: Leveraging IoT for precision farming and sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Offering solutions for air quality, climate monitoring, and ecological studies.
  • Industrial IoT: Empowering industries with efficient monitoring, asset tracking, and automation solutions.

Tags: IoT, Edge AI, Smart Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring, Industrial IoT, Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, LoRaWAN®, Sensors, Modules, Connectivity, Edge Computing.

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Showing 1-15 of 15 Results